This page documents an official Deltora Quest Wiki policy.

It is a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all editors.

The central goal of the category system is to provide navigational links to all Deltora Quest Wiki pages in a hierarchy of categories which readers, knowing essential characteristics of a topic, can browse and quickly find sets of pages on topics that are defined by those characteristics.


Categories should be created when they can encompass a significant number of relevant articles. If someone wishes to contest the relevance of a newly created category, they can do so on its talk page or on the forum.

Naming conventions

  • Standard article naming conventions apply (see Manual of Style); in particular, do not capitalize regular nouns except when they come at the beginning of the title.
  • Names of topic categories should be singular, normally corresponding to the name of an article. Examples: "Royal Family", "Lief".
  • Names of set categories should be plural. Example: "Deltorans".

Categorizing pages

Each categorized page should be placed in all categories to which it logically belongs. This means that if a page belongs to a subcategory of C (or a subcategory of a subcategory of C, and so on), then it should also be placed into C if and only if C would also logically and directly apply to the page.

Classifying characters

Deltora Quest Wiki classifies characters that appear in the series included in the franchise as main or minor characters. The criteria for inclusion in each classification is set out below.

For this classification scheme:

  • "Featured" refers to being a catalyst or overtly and directly supporting the catalyst for a pattern of events.
  • "Pattern of events" refers to one of the individual story threads (running through a book).

Minor character

A minor character is:

  • Anyone who has one or more lines of dialogue;
  • Otherwise, anyone who performs an action that is the clear and unambiguous focal point of that frame (merely appearing does not fulfil this requirement).

Major character

A major character fulfils the requirements for a minor character, and is:

  • Anyone who is featured in the pattern of events for two or more books;
  • Anyone who has dialogue in a majority of books.
  • Otherwise, anyone who acts as the primary antagonist for a series.
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