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"Be aware, that to tell one Toran is to tell all. We have no secrets from one another. But this is our strength. Between us we have much knowledge, and our memories are long"
Zeean speaking to Lief, Barda and Jasmine in Return to Del

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  • ...that Deltora Quest has sold more than 18 million copies worldwide?
  • ...that Deltora Quest has sequel series called The Three Doors and Star of Deltora?
  • ...that Deltora Quest has won 11 awards?
  • ...that Rowan of Rin is set in the same world as Deltora, on an island to Deltora's west?


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Zeean is the current leader of the Torans and a powerful sorceress.

Zeean was banished from Tora alongside the other Torans when they broke their vow to grant sanctuary to the king and queen of Deltora. They arrived in the Valley of the Lost, and became grey, shadowy people under the Guardian's rule.

When Lief, Barda, and Jasmine defeated the Guardian and restored the valley, Zeean and the rest of the Torans were restored as well. They thanked the companions and explained their situation, stating that they would remain in the valley. Lief told them that he was sure the heir to Deltora will forgive them for breaking their oath, and allow them to return to their city.

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  • Samaru163

    Hello Deltora fans, one and all and welcome to episode twelve of my Deltora Quest comparison.

    The King of the Rats covers chapters fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen of City of the Rats, and is the final episode in the City of the Rats arc.

    Reeah is our new character for the episode. The guardian of the Opal is mostly true to his book self: massive snake? Check. Crown containing the Opal on his head? Smaller than in the book, but still there. Telepath…

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  • 23Stryker

    Deltora Quest 4

    June 29, 2019 by 23Stryker

    Recently I have been working on my own sequel to the Star of Deltora/Deltora Quest 3. It doesn't include any of the original characters but I have worked really hard on it. It will include eight books and when I finish one I will post it as a blog post.

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  • CataclysmicError

    These blogs are for those badges....XD

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