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"For as Ak-Baba shrieked and the red smoke shrank back into the boiling sky, as the Ols crouched, moaning, and the prisoners listened in awe, Emlis played like the Pipers of old. Emlis played on the Pirran Pipe the music of his own heart."
The Shadowlands

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Featured Article-Pirran Pipe

Pirran Pipe2

The Pirran Pipe is a magic flute that, when played, used to keep all evil out of the land of Pirra.

In ancient times, over a thousand years ago, Pirra was a beautiful green island north of Deltora, then called the Land of Dragons. The Pirran Piper played the Pipe every day, so that the magic the Pipe produced would protect the land from evil and intruders. The people of the Land of Dragons could hear the music from the Pipe waving through the winds. No one knows when or how the Pipe was made.

One dark winter's night, Piper died, and a great competition was held to determine who would be the next Piper. However, it ended in a three-way tie between Plume the Brave, Auron the Fair, and Keras the Unknown as they all received an equal number of votes from their supporters. The testing went on into night fall and the Pipers played again and again, but each time the result was the same. Each Piper's supporters refused to back another and it seemed like civil war would break loose between the three groups. This was when the Shadow Lord, disguised in a hooded cloak, approached them and suggested that the Pipe be split into three pieces so that each contestant would be allowed a piece of the Pipe. Each group believed the Shadow Lord was one of theirs, as he had spent time with all of them, urging them to hold firm. The Pirrans were so angry and tired that they agreed and gave Plume the mouthpiece, Auron the middle stem, and Keras the endpiece. Afterwards, the Pirrans split into their three factions.

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