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Deltora Quest 2
Deltora Quest 2
General information
Other name(s)

Deltora Shadowlands


Emily Rodda


Marc McBride (cover)
Kate Rowe (any illustrations associated with the story, including maps and letters)


Cavern of the Fear
The Isle of Illusion
The Shadowlands


Scholastic Australia


May 2007 (collected volume)

Preceded by

Deltora Quest

Followed by

Deltora Quest 3

Deltora Quest 2, known as Deltora Shadowlands outside Australia, is the second series in the Deltora Quest collective series written by Emily Rodda. Illustrated by Marc McBride and Kate Rowe, the series contains three books. The three books in the series were originally released over the span of 2002 and then released together in a collected volume in May 2007.


The three companions, Lief, Barda, and Jasmine set out on a new quest to rescue the Deltoran slaves held in the Shadowlands. They must go underground land to find the underground islands, Plume, Auron and Keras, where the former Pirrans live.

There, they must persuade each of the Pirran groups' chiefs to give up one part of the magic Pirran Pipe, which is said to be the only weapon strong enough to defeat the Shadow Lord in his own domain, and then travel into the fearsome Shadowlands, to challenge the Shadow Lord himself.

Cavern of The Fear[]

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The Isle of Illusion[]

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The Shadowlands[]

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