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Adin knew that he was the one who must fill the medallions in the belt.

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"A land of magic and monsters"
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Deltora 1
Deltora Quest
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Deltora Quest 1


Emily Rodda


Marc McBride (cover)

Kate Rowe (any illustrations associated with the story, including maps and letters)


The Forests of Silence
The Lake of Tears
City of the Rats
The Shifting Sands
Dread Mountain
The Maze of the Beast
The Valley of the Lost
Return to Del


Scholastic Australia


October 2006 (collected volume)

Followed by

Deltora Quest 2

Deltora Quest, or Deltora Quest 1, is a children's fantasy novel series written by Emily Rodda. It is the first series of the Deltora Quest collective series. Illustrated by Marc McBride and Kate Rowe, the series contains eight books. The eight books in the series were originally released over the years 2000-2002. The eight books were released together in a collected volume in October 2006.

Reception and awards[]



A sixteen-year-old boy named Lief, a former palace guard (who is his companion) Barda, and an orphan girl they find in Forests of SilenceJasmine, sets out on a quest to retrieve the seven lost gems of the Belt of Deltora, which has been shattered by the evil Shadow Lord from the Shadowlands. The gems are: a Topaz, a Ruby, an Opal, a Lapis Lazuli, an Emerald, an Amethyst, and a Diamond.

Through their journey they face many dangerous opponents and riddles on their way to each gems' hiding place, which each has an evil powerful guardian. They must find the gems and the heir to the Deltoran throne in order to rid the land of the Shadow Lord.

The Forests of Silence[]

Main article: The Forests of Silence

On Lief's 16th birthday, he along with Barda, a former palace guard set off on a quest to restore the Belt of Deltora. They head off toward the Forests of Silence and along the way are ambushed by the Wenn and are taken into the forests to be fed to the menacing Wennbar. A wild orphan girl, by the name of Jasmine initially left them for dead but came back to save them.

Jasmine lead the two towards the darkest place in the forests, said to be ruled by a cruel guardian. There Lief and Barda meet the guardian of the Topaz, the golden knight, Gorl. During the ensuring battle, Barda is gravely injured and Jasmine returns to defeat Gorl by crushing him with a tree branch. They use the nectar of the blooming Lilies of Life to save Barda's life. The Topaz is found in the hilt of Gorl's sword.

Jasmine swayed by the appearance of her mother's spirit, brought to her by the power of the Topaz, joins Barda and Lief on their quest. And so with the first gem safely secured in the Belt, the companions headed off towards their next destination, the terrifying Lake of Tears.[1]

The Lake of Tears[]

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City of the Rats[]

Main article: City of the Rats

The Shifting Sands[]

Main article: The Shifting Sands

Dread Mountain[]

Main article: Dread Mountain

The Maze of the Beast[]

Main article: The Maze of the Beast

The Valley of the Lost[]

Main article: The Valley of the Lost

Return to Del[]

Main article: Return to Del


  1. Rodda, Emily. The Forests of Silence. Scholastic Australia. May 1, 2000.
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