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Death Sleep
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To induce a death-like sleep and eventually kill

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Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal (only appearance)

Death Sleep is an ancient poison originally brewed by the Mirril clan, which induces a death-like sleep on a person which they cannot be awakened from, and which will kill the person with time. An antidote, made with rare ingredients found on the Island exists, and the first person to brew it was Orin the Wise, the first Keeper of the Crystal.[1]


Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal


The antidote to Death Sleep is made from the water of a clear pool on the Island which is filled with viscious leeches and whose bottom is covered in silvery sand, the sap from a moon flower growing in the centre of the same pool and one drop of venom from the Great Serpent. The mixture must be stirred with the feather of a fighter bird three times, then let still.

Orin the Wise, the first brewer of the antidote, made a rhyme that contained the recipe for the antidote, but which was hidden behind a riddle:

To mix the brew that wakes Death Sleep
Fill one spread hand with silver deep.
In hungry pool moons raise their heads:
Pluck one and add the tears it sheds.
Stir slowly with new fighter’s quill,
Three times, no more, and let it still.
Add venom from your greatest fear—
One drop—and then the truth is clear.


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