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Dead Plain
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The Shadowlands

The Dead Plain is a barren wasteland located in the Shadowlands in the shadow of the Barrier Mountains. It is a windswept place pocked with gaping craters and cracked, barren white clay ground that stretches far into the horizon. There is no sunlight on the Dead Plain, since it is blocked by grey clouds. The Dead Plain is home to the Wild Ones, Deltoran slaves who have been terribly mutated by the Shadow Lord, as well as various other monsters.[1]


The Shadowlands[]

Lief, Barda, Jasmine, and Emlis arrived at the Dead Plain after leaving the island of Keras. They were quickly attacked by local wildlife, including Wild Ones and Stingers.

The Shadow Lord's compound (the factory, the Shadow Arena, and the garbage mounds) appear to be within the Dead Plain.[1]



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