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Dann's Mirror is in need of more information! Dann's Mirror is lacking more detail in History: Describe how Rye and Sonia come across the Mirror, the questions he asks and how the Mirror answers him. Describe the Pool's purpose and why Eldannen made it.


Message shown to Rye as the chosen one.

Dann's Mirror is a small magic pool of water that is located in the Fell Zone of Dorne. The pool holds the sorcerer Eldannen's memories, that he had left there when he died.[1] Only the chosen one can taste the pool's sweet water, for if anyone besides the chosen one drinks from it, they are repulsed by the water's taste.[2]



After Eldannen became trapped in the Fell Zone, he stumbled across the clearing in the forest and died, leaving his memories there with him.[1]

Place of Enemy

A message shown to Rye.

The Golden Door[]

Rye and Sonia stumbled upon the mirror while travelling through the Fell Zone after entering the golden Door. In his thirst, Rye drank from the pool, describing its water as sweet, though Sonia was repulsed by its taste.[2]

Stream Goal Oltan

Another message shown to Rye, guiding him to Oltan.

The Third Door[]


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