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Crenn is the oldest of the Kin and acts as their leader.[1]


Crenn was born on Dread Mountain and lived there with the rest of the Kin. One day, the Dread Gnomes, who lived on the mountain as well, began dipping their arrows in venom collected from the ooze toad, Gellick. This venom was incredibly potent, and even a scratch would lead to a quick and agonising death.[1]

The Dread Gnomes began hunting the Kin on bulk and slaughtered most of them. Crenn was among the few Kin who survived the killings and fled to the Dreaming Spring, which served as the Kin's winter home. There they were able to survive on grass, and used the water from the spring to visit the mountain in their dreams. But without the seeds and cones of the Boolong trees, they could not reproduce.[1]

Dread Mountain[]

Crenn met with Lief, Barda, and Jasmine when they rescued the youngest Kin, Prin, from two Grey Guards. He thanked them for their help and explained the history of the Kinn's banishment from Dread Mountain. However, his attitude became more hostile when three other Kin—Bruna, Merin, and Ailsa—offered to escort the companions to Dread Mountain.[1]

When Prin trailed after the companions, Crenn and the other adult Kin followed after a few days later. By this time Lief and Jasmine were able to convince the Dread Gnomes to let the Kin return to the mountain, so Crenn and the others were able to return home.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Crenn was described as having wrinkles and white whiskers.[1]

In the anime, Crenn has brown fur.


Cren takes the safety of his fellow Kin very seriously and does everything in his power to keep them safe and alive. This over protective nature can often lead to moments of stubbornness, such as when he tried to prevent Bruna, Ailsa, and Merin from taking the companions to Dread Mountain. Nevertheless, he led the rest of the Kin to Dread Mountain in order to rescue Prin.[1]


Crenn is very wise and is one of the few Kin who can remember life before the Dread Gnomes started hunting them.[1]



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