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Collin's letter
Collin's letter to his parents
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Olla-Scollbow and Lady Poltice
Collin (formerly)

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Olla-Scollbow and Lady Poltice
Collin (formerly)




To act as a farewell note from Collin to his parents, and to make them understand that he cannot marry Mishatweet if he does not love her. And finally to show them both that there are more to life than the Collectors' towers of Illica, and that he has therefore eloped to see the world with his true love, Vorn the Ship


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Scollbow Tower on Illica (presumably)



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The Towers of Illica (only appearance)

Collin's letter to his parents is a letter written by the young Illican man Collin of the Scollbow clan, in which he announced that he would be eloping with his true love, Vorn the Ship, that he was unable to marry Mishatweet of the Isle of Jade, and that this seemed the right decision based on "a stranger's words" that he heard once.[1]


The Towers of Illica[]


Dear Mama and Papa.
I am sorry to disappoint you, but I cannot marry the bride you have chosen for me. I love Vorn the Ship, and have gone with her to seek my fortune. The stranger's words have made me see that this is right. There is more to life than the towers of Illica.
I hope you will find it in your hearts to forgive me and wish me well. Please give my apologies to Mishatweet and her parents, though I am sure that when they learn more about our family, they will realise that they have had a lucky escape.


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