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Collectors is in need of more information! Collectors is lacking details from The Towers of Illica, such as the fact the Collectors are truly monetarily poor, gold-wise.

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The Collectors are three clans existing on the island of Illica, who are all ancestors of three three pirate captains. The Collectors and their families live inside castle-like towers on the island, one for each of the three clans, where they amass their Collections of riches. Today, the Collectors do not wish to be reminded of their pirate heritage.


More than a thousand years ago, before the time of King Adin of Deltora, the island of Illica was known as a refuge for pirates due to its natural defences. Different groups of pirates lived on Illica and terrorised the Silver Sea. At one point, one of these pirates, Bar-Enoch, built a tower on the island. However during Adin's reign as the first king of Deltora, piracy began to be suppressed in the Silver Sea, and the culture of Illica was forced to change. The three remaining pirate captains or pirate kings, at that time, who were bitter rivals, retrated into three towers they had built on the Illica hilltops in imitation of Bar-Enoch's, where they hoarded their riches and styled themselves as wealthy collectors. With their abssence, the crews of the pirate captains settled around the harbour and built a small town. The pirates and their families became known as the three Collector clans of Scollbow, Slink and Fen, and their riches were added to by each generation. Their towers became museums for their riches, and they would continue to trade with foreign traders, granted the traders had something truly unique, as they seldom left the island to do business any longer.

To the present day, the Illicans are not fond of talking of their past as pirates.[1]

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