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Chett is a Polypan that Lief, Barda and Jasmine met on the River Queen.[1]


The Maze of the Beast[]

Chett rowed Lief, Barda, and Dain aboard the River Queen when the ship found them wading through the River Tor. Once they were aboard, Chett later tried to look through Lief's belongings, since Lief had unknowingly bought chewing toffee that all Polypan were addicted to.

That night a band of pirates attacked the River Queen and in the confusion Chett jumped onto their ship and was taken back to their hideout. The pirates treated Chett like their servant and worked him hard.

A few days later, the pirates captured Lief, Barda and Jasmine and brought them to their hideout. Lief finally realised what the chewing toffee was and used it to bribe Chett into taking back the Belt of Deltora from Nak.[1]

The Valley of the Lost[]

Chett was taken with the pirates when they left to sell Dain to some Grey Guards. While the ship was docked, a thunderstorm hit and Chett tipped over a lantern that set the entire ship ablaze. The companions found them in time and rescued them from the wreck. After they reached safety, Chett ran off into the woods and vanished.[2]


Chett in the anime is drastically different from the book. He resembles a small monkey and is more obnoxious than his book counterpart. Often at times he would grab his ears, stand on one foot, and stick his tongue out at anyone looking at him.

After helping Lief reclaim the Belt of Deltora from Nak, Chett remains at the pirate hideout when Dain is taken by the pirates to be sold to the Grey Guards. Lief, Barda, and Jasmine later encounter him again, leading a large group of Polypan in stealing the pirate's treasure.


Chett is short, barely the height of a child, with strong arms covered in red hair. His face is squashed like an ape's face.[1]

In the anime, Chett resembles a small monkey-like creature, barely reaching Lief's knees. He has long ears and wore a red vest.


Chett is very helpful and subservient, as he followed the pirate's orders even though they lacked the chewing toffee he had been given as payment. He is also quite cowardly, jumping ship twice in order to save himself.[1]


Chett has incredible upper body strength. By himself he can row a rowboat faster then any other crew member on the River Queen. He is also a master pickpocket and was able to remove the Belt of Deltora without Finn or the other pirates noticing.[1]


Deltora Quest[]

Deltora Quest 1[]


  • Chett is one of two known named Polypans, the other being Bosun.


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