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Chamber of the Doors
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Keep of Weld



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The Golden Door

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The Third Door

"Three magic Doors you here behold.
Time to choose: Wood? Silver? Gold?
Listen to your inner voice
And you will make the wisest choice. "
— The engraving upon the stone above the three Doors

The Chamber of the Doors is a circular room located underneath the Keep of Weld, containing three Doors, two of which are magical gateways that lead to the past and future.[1]

Three Doors Notice

The engraving above the Doors.


The Golden Door[]

The Golden Door

The front cover of The Golden Door, clearly displaying the golden Door.

The Silver Door[]

The Silver Door

The front cover of The Silver Door, clearly displaying the silver Door.

The Third Door[]

The Third Door

The front cover of The Third Door, clearly displaying the wooden Door.

The three Doors[]

Originally, a wooden door was put in place to seal the hollow mountaintop that Weld was built on, but as Eldannen's longing for the outside world grew, he created the golden and silver Doors, as portals to different times. Each of the Doors lead physically to the same place on Dorne, yet in different times.[1]

The golden Door[]

The golden Door was made when Eldannen longed to see his Fellan friends in the Fell Zone.[1] The golden Door leads to the past. The symbols on the door represented the beasts in the Fell Zone and beyond.

The silver Door[]

The silver Door was made when Eldannen wished to see the future results of something e.g. Annoltis being left in authority. The silver Door leads to the future. The future experienced through the silver Door is dependent on actions that had/were occurring in the past/present,[1] and so when the events of the past were leading to Chieftain Farr's eradication of the Fellan and the Fell Zone in the present,[1] the Door lead to an alternative future in which the Shadow Lord overtook Dorne and turned it into a desolate land and essentially a slave colony.[2][1] When Rye and Sonia managed to stop Farr in the present, the future behind the Door immediately changed. The silver Door is covered in mysterious, strange flourishing engravings forming a complex pattern, and though it is hard to see them, among the mysterious lines there are depictions of things that exist in Dorne in the future. The engravings may change if the future is changed by changes in the past/present so that the engravings then show what is on future Dorne.[1] For instance, while the silver Door lead to the alternative future Dorne, Rye noticed shapes of monstrous birds with long necks, cruel, curved beaks and vast, outspread wings.[2]

The wooden Door[]

The wooden Door is an ordinary door made of wood and bound with brass, and originally acted as a simple way in and out of the city of Weld.[1] It is made of broad wooden planks and bears no decoration except brass studs and bands.[3]


  • The Doors created by Eldannen is the only known example of time travel in the world of Deltora, which might indicate that it requires a very specific component to craft such a magic or magic object, or that it requires the magic-wielder to be extraordinarily powerful, gifted or knowledgable. Another reason may be that it requires a special external source of power, or a cost or sacrifice so big that it is not seen as being worth it by the vast majority of magic-users.


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