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The following information is based on the anime and not considered canon.

Carn Squad (anime)
Carn Squad
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Deltora Quest anime (only appearance)

The Carn Squad were the mounted elite of the Grey Guards, who only appear in the Deltora Quest anime. Each member also had their own muddlet.

Role in the anime[]

Meeting Prin[]

The Shadow Lord dispatched the Carn Squad after hearing of the second death of Thaegan. They trailed the companions to Dread Mountain.

Vraal Attack[]

Lief, Barda, and Jasmine were attacked by the Carn Squad as they made their way up Dread Mountain. Their plan was kill the trio, and ultimately take back the already recovered gems. However, a wild Vraal was drawn to the sounds of battle, attacking both the trio and Carn Squad. The Carn Squad retreated, deciding to let the Vraal kill the companions in their place. In the end, Prin managed to drive the Vraal away.

End of the Carn Squad[]

Carn Squad in the Shifting Sands (anime)

The Carn Squad in the Shifting Sands, trailing Lief, Barda and Jasmine.

The Carn Squad caught up to Lief, Barda, and Jasmine after they had retrieved the Emerald. They pursued the companions into a fog covered forest, but were driven away by a parliament of owls, since Jasmine had rescued one earlier in the episode. Despite the name of the episode, none of the members of the Carn Squad were killed.

The Vow of the Torans[]

The guards found Lief, Barda and Jasmine outside the city of Tora along with Dain, Doom, and Neridah. After they took shelter inside the city, the Carn Squad gathered together several pods of normal Grey Guards to siege the city. However, they ended up losing the companions again when Lief released the muddlets pulling their wagons.

Battle of Withick Mire[]

The Carn Squad led the assault on Withick Mire in a final bid to destroy the resistance and retrieve the gems. They failed again, and one by one each member was killed. The leader was killed last by Lief.

Physical appearance[]

The Carn Squad dressed in burgundy Grey Guard armour and orange scarfs. With the exception of the leader, they each wore a metal facemask. Their armour was more mobile than a standard Grey Guard's, allowing for more maneuverability.


The Carn Squad's main attribute was their superior speed and agility. On foot they were able to move at incredible speeds, striking from the sides and darting off before their enemies could counter.


The primary weapons of the Carn Squad were a pair of red longswords, one held in each hand. They also carried blisters like normal Grey Guards.


  • The name "Carn Squad" has been taken from "Carn pod", a group, or "pod", of Grey Guards that appear in the books a couple of times. In the books, Grey Guards always get paired up with nine other identical guards in a group of ten known as a "pod".

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