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Bukshah is in need of more information! Bukshah is lacking a complete history with all appearances from Rowan of Rin, Rowan and the Travellers, Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal, Rowan and the Zebak and Rowan of the Bukshah. Write about the bukshah's habitat and their behaviour, like the annual trip to Mountain Heart during winter to feed on the grey fungus from the ice creepers.

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General information

Bukshah fields in Rin


Grass and the grey fungus of the ice creepers




Ploughing fields, warm wool clothes, milk, producing foods with bukshah milk


Grey shaggy wool, small brown eyes and big horns

Chronological information
First appearance

Rowan of Rin

Last appearance

Rowan of the Bukshah

Bukshah are a species of domesticated animals native to the Rin valley on the island of Maris.[1]

Blankets made from Bukshah wool.


Early history

Three hundred years ago the people of the Valley of Gold first tamed and cultivated the bukshah, keeping them in the valley located on the eastern side of the Mountain, which they called the Valley of the Bukshah,[2] today known as the Rin valley.[1] They used the animals to help plough their fields, to carry heavy loads, used their wool to make warm clothes for the winter, and drank the thick, creamy milk from the females and made it into cheese and curd. When the people were enslaved and brought across the sea by the Zebak to their land, the bukshah were left behind and lived there for centuries on their own. The Zebak wiped the memories of the people from the Valley of Gold, so they would not remember Maris or the bukshah.

When the Zebak invaded Maris they used the mind-wiped warrior slaves from the Valley of Gold. The slaves, however, rebelled when the Zebak landed on the coast of the island, joining forces with the Maris folk and the Travellers drive back the Zebak. Wishing to find a place to call their own, the Travellers told the people of the Valley of the Bukshah, nestled in-between the hills and the Mountain, and the former slaves decided to seek it out. They tramped for many days, and one afternoon, topped a rise, and rediscovered the secret valley, although they had no memory of it. They also refound the bukshah.

After building Rin in the valley, like before the people began reusing the bukshah for their milk, to help plough the fields in the valley, as well as beasts of burden on long trips to the coast.[1] It became the tradition to only let the quieter, shier children become the keepers of the animals.

Rowan of Rin

Rowan and the Travellers

Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal

Rowan and the Zebak

Rowan of the Bukshah



Bukshah live in the bukshah fields in the Rin valley located inland on the island of Maris, to the west of the coast.[1]


Bukshah look like a lot like bisons but not quite, and they have wooly manes. They are very large,[3] four-legged animals, typically with shaggy grey wool fur, though they have been known to breed black-haired young. Bukshah have tiny brown eyes and big shining horns. Female bukshah produce thick, creamy milk, which is drunk by the Rin people and used to make cheese and curd. Their wool is used to make blankets and wooly clothes which keep the people warm during winters.[1] their horns curl like those of bisons, as seen in the official map of Rin.[1]


Bukshah are exclusively herbivorous mammals. They like to graze on grass and hay. They also feed on the grey fungus found in ice creeper nests, such as the one in Mountain Heart.


Rowan of Rin

Star of Deltora

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