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This article is about Brid, the palace guard. Not to be confused with Bird, the woman from Nanny's Pride Farm.
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Died of blood loss from injuries delivered by Rolf

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Palace guard


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Dragon's Nest (only appearance)

Brid was a high-ranking palace guard in Del and Barda's second-in-command.[1]


Brid spent ten years in the Shadowlands before being rescued, along with the rest of the Deltoran prisoners in the Shadowlands, by Lief, Barda, and Jasmine.[1]

Dragon's Nest[]

Brid was among the troop of palace guards sent to escort Lief throughout his "tour" of Deltora, acting as Barda's second-in-command. Brid remained with the rest of the guards while Barda, Jasmine, and Lief rescued Rolf from the Granous and awakened Fidelis. When evidence of an assassin following the party was discovered, Barda ordered Brid to lead the guards and Rolf to Ringle while he, Jasmine, and Lief took an alternate path through the Forests of Silence. They would meet up again in Broome.


Brid was able to write a message in his blood on a nearby tree before dying.

However, Brid and the eleven other guards were attacked during the night while camping outside Ringle by Rolf, who took the form of a false Ruby dragon. The people of Ringle, including Lindal of Broome, rushed to their aid, but when they arrived the guards were mutilated and burning in heaps. However, Bird was able to escape with his leg torn off at the knee, and lived long enough to write a warning in his own blood on a tree, which told of Lief's location. Lindal carved the message off and used it to help her track Lief just in time to rescue the companions from an Orchard Keeper.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Brid's face was scarred from the mark of the Shadow Lord that was branded on his cheek, remnants of his time in the Shadowlands. He had a nerve high on one cheek that sometimes twitched.[1]


Brid was a serious, dutiful man, hardened by his years in the Shadowlands. He was a trained guardsman, and did not argue with Barda's orders, regardless of his personal feelings. He only questioned Barda to clarify his orders, never arguing, and demonstrated concern for Lief, Barda, and Jasmine travelling through the Forests of Silence. He took his position very seriously, and never seemed to complain. Jasmine described him as "dull", thinking anything of out of the ordinary as "mad", though Barda defended him, suggesting that his life in the Shadowlands made him careful and thoughtful.[1]


Brid was evidently a hardy, durable man, and managed to survive ten years as a slave in the Shadowlands. He also managed to survive his horrific wounds from the "dragon attack" and maintain enough mental clarity long enough to leave his message. Brid could read and write, a skill relatively uncommon in Deltora following the Shadow Lord's reign.[1]


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