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Brianne is a Deltoran woman who comes from a town named Lees. Brianne entered in the tenth Rithmere Games. She fought and won against Joanna and eventually became Champion. When Brianne left the Champion Inn she was ambushed by Grey Guards and taken to the Shadowlands. While in the Shadowlands Brianne joined the Resistance and became a lieutenant in their Shadowlands division.[1][2]


Brianne entered in the tenth Rithmere games, and became Champion. Like past victors she intended to return home with her gold coins and use them to help her hometown, but was captured by Grey Guards after being tricked by Mother Brightly into using an alleged back way out to avoid robbery. She was taken to the Shadowlands to fight in the Shadow Arena and became increasingly bitter as the Grey Guards told her that her people hated her as they believed she had abandoned them. Like many of the Deltorans enslaved in the Shadowlands, Brianne was at one point branded with the mark of the Shadow Lord, in her case, on her brow. Brianne managed to escape from the Arena with her life at one point, becoming the third Deltoran to successfully do it, and found herself in the Dead Plain, where she met Claw and Gers in the wilderness of the Shadowlands. They and a few others acted as a resistance group in the Shadowlands, killing Shadow Lord's servants here and there and freeing the occasional slave.[1]

The Shadowlands[]

When King Lief, Jasmine, Barda and Emlis arrived in the Shadowlands, Lief was dragged underground by the Resistance members, who his companions confront. Brianne is suspicious of the group, and believes they might be Shadow Lord servants, calling Claw a fool for exposing them. She acts coldly towards them, and snaps at Claw when he insists that the newcomers are friends, expressing disbelief that any slaves (which she presumed Barda, Emlis, Lief and Jasmine were) could have escaped the Shadow Arena, where all of the Shadow Lord's prisoners now were, though she is the first of Claw's companions to show signals of realisation that Claw was silently implying that the companions were proof that Deltora had been freed. Despite her anger at Claw, Brianne was still visibly concerned when Barda threatened to kill Claw unless Gers released Lief, folding her arms in an effort to hide her trembling. Gers, however, was convinced by Jasmine when she revealed to be in possession of his family talisman and Brianne, Gers and Claw take the four newcomers with them to meet a nearby faction of their resistance group, as Claw, believing that the friends had come over the mountains and activated the shutting spell, declared the need for the cave to be evacuated, though Brianne shows some sadness towards this. When they realise that that group has been captured by the Shadow Lord, Brianne is heartbroken, and calls out for 'Hellena' - who's tattered shawl Brianne presses to her cheek, then proceeds to similarly call out and grieve for 'Pi-Ban', 'Tipp', 'Moss', 'Pieter' and 'Alexi'. When Claw notes though the raid and capture happened months ago, Shadow Lord servants might still be waiting in case other rebels show themselves, Brianne expresses her hope that there are enemies waiting, wishing to enact her vengeance on the people who had taken Pi-Ban, Hellena and rest of her friends prisoner. This causes Lief to recognized Brianne as the Champion of the tenth Rithmere Games who Joanna had mentioned during the eleventh Games. He longed to tell her that the people of Lees mourn her loss, but chooses not to. The party, however, is broken up at the Mounds when a Vraal attacks and Brianne, Gers and Claw burrow into the earth and away.

Brianne accompanies Claw and Gers, Lief, Jasmine and Barda to the Shadow Arena, shadowing the latters to the Arena and, as per Lief's instructions, tells all the slaves in the Arena to be ready to escape. After the Pirran Pipe is played and the slaves are in the underground caverns, the boats of each of the three Pirran tribes arrive to ferry them back to Deltoran territory. Brianne and all the slaves fall into a deep sleep, and do not remember anything about travelling in the underground caverns.[2]

Physical appearance[]

Brianne is a tall, young woman. She has a beautiful face but appeared gaunt in the Shadowlands most likely because she suffered much there. Like many slaves, Brianne bares the Shadow Lord's mark branded on her brow.[2]


Brianne is very stubborn and suspicious. She believed that Lief, Barda and Jasmine were spies when they were confronted by the Resistance division of the Shadowlands. Brianne also, however, cared deeply for those she did trust, which was proven by her failure to conceal her trembled fear when Claw's life was put on the line, as well as when she deeply grieved her captured confederates. She also was apparently attached to the bunker where she lived while in the Shadowlands and considered it a home, as she appeared to show a degree of sadness over having to leave it.[2]


Brianne is a capable fighter. Her strength lies in her speed, which she used to her advantage in the Rithmere Games when fighting against Joanna. Her skills presumably increased during the time she spent as a Resistance member, which no doubt required her to fight for her life on multiple occasions.[1][2]


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  • Brianne is the third person to have escaped from the Shadow Arena. The first was Doom, and the second was Gers the Jalis.


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