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Bold Maiden
General information

To sail on trading voyages


Wrass (formerly)
Sven (formerly)



Physical information

The Silver Sea, near the Isle of Tier (formerly)


Wrass as captain

Chronological information
First appearance

Shadows of the Master (only appearance)

The Bold Maiden was a ship that sailed the Silver Sea long before the Shadowlands invasion, and was under the command of Captain Wrass. The trader Sven sailed with the ship when he heard the story of the Isle of Tier and Staff of Tier.[1]


On Trader Sven's second sea voyage, he sailed with the Bold Maiden in the Silver Sea. One dusk, the ship neared the Isle of Tier so that it was on the horizon, but the ship did not sail any closer to it out of fear, instead opting to change course to go in a wide berth around it. Sven, who wanted to see the isle for himself, wondered why this was and asked the captain, Wrass, who told him the tale of the half-turtle sorcerer Tier the magic Staff that he had created and used to bring the isle alive, so that it could move around and devour ships in the waters, and the pirate Bar-Enoch who managed to steal the Staff. By the time Captain Wrass has finished his tale, Sven had lost all desire to see the haunted island more closely.[1]


  • It is unknown if the Bold Maiden was a Deltoran ship, but it may have been to the island since Trader Sven sailed with it.


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