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Fields around Oltan


Horned, aggressive

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The Golden Door (only appearance)

Bloodhogs are large, single-horned, aggressive creatures found in Dorne. They are extremely fast and will charge their prey.[1]


The Golden Door[]

After exiting the Fell Zone, Rye and Sonia were attacked by a bloodhog. When they took shelter in an empty animal shed, the bloodhog was unable to break down the door, and seemingly retreated. The next day when Rye left the shed, it once again began to chase after him. Rye was able to outrun the bloodhog with the help of one of the nine powers, and climbed a tree in an attempt to escape. Before it was able to topple the tree, the bloodhog was shot down by Magnus FitzFee.[1]



Bloodhogs are large shaggy beasts with tiny, hungry red eyes, and a single white horn that juts up from the muzzle like a curved sword. Their jaws seem to constantly slaver and foam with saliva, and their teeth are blunt and yellow. The animal has hooves. Bloodhogs attack by charging at their prey, and are extremely persistent.[1]

When Rye faced a bloodhog, he noted that it was bigger than six Weld goats put together. Its coat was matted with mud, burrs, and dried blood.[1]




  • The carvings on the golden Door feature four bloodhogs.


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