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Blood Lily
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Blood Lily Island



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The Deltora Book of Monsters

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Isle of the Dead

Blood Lilies are plants that live on Blood Lily Island in Diamond territory.[1]


Secrets of Deltora[]

Doran the Dragonlover wrote about Blood Lilies and Fleshbanes in his book Secrets of Deltora. He found Forta grazing on Blood Lilies to prepare to avenge her mate's death, and when Doran convinced her to sleep, she choose Blood Lily island as her hiding spot.[1]

The Deltora Book of Monsters[]

Josef included Blood Lilies and Fleshbanes in his book.[2]

Isle of the Dead[]

Blood Lilies were encountered by Lief, Barda and Jasmine on Blood-Lily Island. They were almost eaten by the Fleshbanes until they burned away the lilies with the Fire-Beads that Tom had sent them.[3]


Blood Lilies are plants that have a symbiotic relationship with the insects Fleshbanes. They have a sweet scent and an abundance of nectar, which attracts animals such as birds and other passers-by. Their pollen can penetrate clothing, feathers, hair, and even leather and numbs the area it touches. This numbness lasts for exactly two hours, the same amount of time it takes to return to the Deltoran mainland from the island. The Fleshbanes, which live disguised as Blood Lily petals, then crawl onto the victim and suck as much blood as they can, often to the point that the victim dies. These carcasses fertilize the earth and help the Blood Lilies grow, and the Fleshbanes also keep them clean of pests.

The only species known to prey on Blood Lilies are adult Diamond dragons, who frequently grazed on the Blood Lilies and kept their population in check.[1]


Blood Lilies are flowers with long, scarlet petals. The petals have black fringes on their edges and there are normally five petals to a flower. Their stems are golden and their stamen are long, curled, and covered in pollen.[1]


Blood Lilies are exclusively found on Blood Lily Island, hence the island's name. While there have been numerous attempts to cultivate them elsewhere - without the dangerous Fleshbanes - the Lilies depend on the Fleshbanes for protection and the island's soil for sustenance, and cannot survive elsewhere.[1]


The Blood Lilies are sustained by the blood and flesh from the Fleshbanes' prey. Additionally, they cannot grow in any soil other than that of Blood Lily Island.



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