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Barron's family
General information
Notable members

Shadow Lord
Chieftain Farr's Advisory Council (as spies)


Possibly extinct

Chronological information
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The Third Door (mentioned only)

This family is a clan of traders with strong influence within the people of Dorne, as well as abroad, with one of their primary trades being the supplies utilized to repel slays from the communities of Dorne that lie beyond Weld. In reality, however, since the family's arrival on Dorne, the entire house were servants of the Shadow Lord sent by it to infiltrate the leadership of the island and manipulate them to the advantage of their master, which the family obeyed whilst at the same establishing themselves. Cementing its power, the latest in the family's line was Barron, who not only being a powerful trader, but also a member of Chieftain Farr's council of advisors, whom Barron tricked into attacking the Fellan in order to destroy the dome that defended Dorne from invasion by the Shadowlands, until he and his family were exposed as traitors and Barron himself was killed. As apparently the final surviving member of the family line, Barron's death presumably rendered the house, or at least its name, extinct.[1]