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Barrier Mountains
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Northern Deltora



The Barrier Mountains are the range of mountains located across Deltora's north. They are the border between Deltora and the Shadowlands.


Tales of Deltora[]

The Barrier Mountains were created long ago, when the Land of Dragons merged with the land of Pirra.


Barrier Mountains ruffians.

When the Shadow Lord arrived in the Land of Dragons, he fled into the mountains after being burned by an Emerald Dragon. There he found followers in the men and women who took refuge in them, and watched both Pirra and the Land of Dragons for weaknesses he could exploit. He also discovered an Ak-Baba egg hidden among the mountains.

Secrets of Deltora[]

Honora hid herself in the mountains when Doran convinced her to go into hibernation. Doran warns travellers to beware of ruffians living in the mountains.

Dread Mountain[]

When Jarred escaped from the Shadow Arena, he returned to Deltora through a hidden pass in the mountains that lead to Dread Mountain.

The Shadowlands[]



The Barrier Mountains surround the town of Shadowgate.


The Barrier mountains extend along Deltora's northern border, across the lands of the Ralads, Plains, Mere, and Dread Gnomes. They are inhabited by all manner of dark creatures, including Ooze toads, Bubblers, and Stingers. Bandits and other lawless members of Deltora inhabit the mountains as well.

Despite their proximity to the Shadowlands, a number of settlements are located near the Barrier Mountains. The town of Shadowgate is located at their base, at Deltora's most northern point. Dread Mountain, the home of the Dread Gnomes and Kin, is the largest mountain in the range.