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Barda's riddle was the second riddle given to Lief, Barda and Jasmine by the golden-eyed giant.[1]


The Lake of Tears[]

On their way to the Lake of Tears, Lief, Barda, and Jasmine encountered a golden-eyed giant blocking a bridge that lead into the territory of the sorceress Thaegan. The giant told them that, to pass, each of them had to correctly answer a riddle. If they answered wrong then the giant would kill them.[1]

After Jasmine completed her riddle, the giant asked Barda "What is it that beggars have, that the rich need, and that the dead eat?" After a moment's thought, Barda replied, "nothing," and the giant let him pass.[1]


Barda's riddle is changed in the anime. The giant presents Barda with a series of tiles with nonsensical images, and

Riddle 2 unsolved (anime)

Some of the symbols from the anime.

tells him to place them in the correct order. At first Barda could not figure the answer out, so he decided to battle with the giant. However, he saw his sword's reflection in a puddle of water, and realised that the images were actually mirrored numbers. He cut each tile in half and arranged them in the proper order to complete the challenge.


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Riddle 2 solved (anime)

Three of the symbols arranged in order when Barda solved the riddle.