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Babbling Woman
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The Shadowlands (formerly)
Palace of Del, Del (formerly)



Cause of death

Stabbed by her knife in a suicidal move

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The Shadow Lord
Lief (under Carrier Worm)

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Shadow Lord (unwillingly; formerly)

First appearance

The Isle of Illusion (mentioned only)

The Babbling Woman was an Deltoran woman and early victim of the Conversion Project, under the influence of which she made an unsuccessful attempt of the life of Lief, then committed suicide with the very knife that she had attempted to cut the young down with.


At an unspecified point in time during the period of sixteen years in which Deltora experienced a reign of tyranny underneath the Shadow Lord, this woman was captured and taken by servants of the Enemy into slavery in the Shadowlands.

The Isle of Illusion[]

After it was repelled from Deltora by the magic and might of the Belt of Deltora, the Shadow Lord began testing a new way to invade Deltora be assuming control of the minds of the Deltorans it had enslaved in the Shadowlands, which led to beginning of the Conversion Project and Carrier Worms. In order to discover any flaws in its new creations, several Deltorans were selected by the Shadow Lord to be test subject and among them was a woman who, upon being infected, was plagued by incessant babbling. Despite this flaw, the Carrier Worm still transformed the woman into a devoted Shadow Lord servant and she was deemed adequate enough specimen to be sent back to Deltora with orders to assassinate King Lief.

Upon arriving in Del, the Babbling Woman made her move in the entrance hall to the Palace, where she attempted to knife Lief during one of the young king's appearances to the many petitioners. The assassination, however, under in failure and without any word of explanation, the Babbling Woman turned the knife on herself.

Lief recalled this act of attempted murder when thinking of how the unnamed woman and Moss had both attempted to murder him, but wondered at the reason behind why any citizen of Deltora would serve the Enemy. The death of Amarantz, however, exposed the existence of Carrier Worms to Deltora and Doom was quick to realize that the other failed assassins who had made attempts to kill Lief made been suffering similar conditions, revealing that they, including the Babbling Woman, were not traitors as was originally believed, but rather innocent Deltorans brainwashed by the Enemy.

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  • Knife: The Babbling Woman was armed with a knife during her assassination attempt, then used the same weapon to kill herself.




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  • The Babbling Woman is the only of Deltorans to be victims of the Conversion Project not to be known to have had some connection to with a faction of the Resistance (Moss, Hellena and Pieter were all members of Claw's Resistance before their capture and during his captivity, Pi-Ban become acquainted with Tira before her 'conversion'. Amarantz, meanwhile, was part of a failed early resistance situated in Del before she was exposed and brought to the Shadowlands).
  • Along with Amarantz and Paff, the Babbling Woman is the only character in the Roddaverse confirmed to die from suicide.


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