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"Auron's music was so beautiful that her audience wept."
The Tale of the Pirran Pipe[1]

Auron the Fair
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Auron the Fair was one of three candidates for the position of Piper upon the event of the previous Piper's death. Auron's story is told in the Tenna Birdsong Tale titled The Tale of the Pirran Pipe.[1]


Auron competed for the position of Piper when the previous Piper died. Auron played music so exquisite that the crowd wept. After each candidate played the Pirran Pipe, the audience cast a vote. Auron and the other two competitors, Plume the Brave and Keras the Unknown, each had an equal number of votes. The three played the Pipe again and again, but the tie remained unbroken. Each candidate's followers refused to vote for another player. Night fell, and after the thirteenth round of votes, a hooded man came forward and urged the three factions to split the Pipe between themselves. Auron received the stem of the Pipe and became the leader of a tribe known as the Aurons.[1]

Auron's followers fled to an underground sea when shadows overtook Pirra. They settled on the Isle of Auron.[1]

The Isle of Illusion[]

An enormous glass statue of Auron on the Isle of Auron contained the stem of the Pirran Pipe in its headdress. When the spell holding the dome together broke, the statue shattered.[2]

Physical appearance[]

As a Pirran, Auron was short, had long, pointy ears and a long muzzle for a nose. Having not lived for long in the Pirran Caverns, Auron would have been taller than today's Aurons, with a less sharp face and golden brown skin rather than being deathly pale, as with the Aurons who have lived there for generations, and she had hair on her head as opposed to the Aurons. All this was evidenced by the Aurons whom Lief, Barda and Jasmine encountered inside the dome covering the island of Auron, living in the illusion of Pirra, who were like the Aurons had been when they first came to the island. It is unknown if her eyes were as pale as theirs. As Piper, she wore a tall, stiff head-dress, and a long robe that fell straight to the ground, as evidenced by the giant glass statue of her inside the dome on the island of Auron. Her robe might have been in light colours, maybe even purest white, as the clothes of the Piper inside the dome and her followers had been.[2]


Auron was an exceptionally skilled musician.[1]


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