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Biographical information



6-7 in Rowan of the Bukshah
5 in Rowan of Rin



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Personal information

Jiller (mother)
Sefton (father)
Rowan (brother)
Jonn (stepfather)

Chronological and political information
First appearance

Rowan of Rin

Last appearance

Rowan of the Bukshah

Annad is the younger sister of Rowan and the daughter of Jiller and Sefton.[1]


Rowan of Rin

Annad stayed behind in Rin with Jiller when Rowan travelled up the Mountain with the six adult Rinfolk. As she was only five years old, she did not seem to be fully aware of the seriousness of the village's plight, and the reality of what would happen if the stream was not restored soon. She broke into tears at hearing that if the stream stayed dry, Star and the rest of the bukshah would die, for she loved Star.[1]

Rowan and the Travellers

Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal

While Rowan and Jiller travel to Maris for the Choosing of the new Keeper Annad stayed back in Rin and was looked after by Allun and Marlie.[2]

Rowan and the Zebak

During Jonn and Jiller's wedding festivities Annad is abducted by a flying grach named Bara and taken to the Land of the Zebak to be a slave there. She was held captive in the old Rin, a compound within the Zebak city, and told the three other slaves held there that Rowan would come for her. This proved true when Rowan, Allun, Zeel and Perlain arrived to rescue her. After Thiery of the Silk sacrificed his life to allow Unos the grach to fly again, the group, including Thiery's grandchildren Norris and Shaaran, used Unos to escape from the Zebak and return to Rin, where the villagers were preparing to battle a Zebak invasion force. Annad boldly declared that she would fight as well, even though she was only a child. However, a battle proved to be unnecessary, as the Dragon of the Mountain came flying down from its lair to breathe fire at and expel the invaders while the people of Rin hid in the orchard.[3]

Rowan of the Bukshah

Physical appearance


Annad is the complete opposite of Rowan in personality — she is bold, courageous, outspoken and precocious. She is always asking questions and is very curious. She is not afraid, even when taken by Bara the grach into Zebak lands to be a slave there, and is wanting to fight against the Zebak alongside the adult Rinfolk when the Zebak try to invade as they would in the past.


Annad has no notable abilities as yet, as she is only a young child. However, it is expected that she will develop into a warrior as she grows older.



Rowan of Rin



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