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Amethyst dragon
Amethyst dragon
General information

Amethyst territory


Fish of the Silver Sea, River Tor eels, seaweed


Critically endangered


Wise, truthful, philosophical, responsible
Enjoys intelligent discussion and poetry.
The longest-lived and largest of all Deltoran dragons.

Chronological information
First appearance

Isle of the Dead

Last appearance

Secrets of Deltora


An Amethyst dragon flying over a palace.

Amethyst dragon are a species of dragon native to Amethyst territory.[1]


The history of the Amethyst tribe of dragons is similar to that of the other dragon tribes; they inhabited their territory long before the Land of Dragons became known as Deltora. They were aware of the forthcoming cataclysm that fused it with the land that was Pirra but later became the Shadowlands. As it occurred, the Amethyst dragons took flight and later landed safely after its effects had subsided. The Amethyst dragons also became aware of the emergence of the Amethyst from within the depths of the land after it was claimed by the people of Tora, and of its addition to the Belt of Deltora.[2]

They were later hunted to the verge of extinction, with Veritas-the only known survivor-going into an enchanted sleep for centuries at the behest of Doran the Dragonlover.[1] He was later reawakened by Lief to join in the efforts to save Deltora from the Four Sisters and the Grey tide; whether or not the species was able to repopulate afterwards is unknown.[3][4]

Known Amethyst dragons[]


Amethyst dragons are covered in deep purple scales and have pale blue underbellies to match the sky when in flight. On average, they live the longest and grow larger than any other dragon species.[1]


Amethysts dragons are described as being wise, philosophical, and truthful, befitting their tribal gemstone.[1]


Amethyst dragons feed near-exclusively on sea life and seaweed, making them one of the few omnivorous dragon species.[1]


As their name implies, Amethyst dragons inhabit the Amethyst territory along Deltora's western coast. They are often spotted near the coast or the River Tor.[1]


  • Despite being the largest dragon species, the current Amethyst dragon, Veritas, is not the largest dragon, being outclassed by both Honora the Emerald dragon, and Hopian the Opal dragon.
  • This is the only dragon species of which only a single individual has been featured in the series, with each of the others noting at least two.


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