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Alyss was a Deltoran woman who fled with Rosnan into the Pirran caverns.[1]


Alyss was an ugly woman, but because of her locks of golden hair, people ignored her ugliness and fawned over her. One day, a Topaz dragon abducted her so that her hair could line its nest. Rosnan, a man who was in love with Alyss, tried to rescue her, but was no match for the dragon. Before it could kill him. Alyss cut off her own hair in exchange for Rosnan's life.[1]

When Alyss saw how ugly she was without her hair, she fled deep underground in disgust. She eventually made her way into the Pirran Caverns, and stopped at the island of Keras. Rosnan chased after her and confessed that he loved her despite her ugliness and the people of Keron let them live on the island together.[1]

Cavern of The Fear[]

The story of Alyss and Rosnan was recorded in the Deltora Annals as one of the Tenna Birdsong Tales. Lief and Jasmine both read the story when the Annals were recovered, and used it to decipher the location of the Pirran Sea.[1]

The Shadowlands[]

When Lief, Barda, and Jasmine arrived on Keran, the Kerons explained that Alyss and Rosnan's children married Kerons, and so most modern Kerons have some Deltoran blood in them. Emlis, the son of the piper Tirral, even has golden hair like Alyss.[2]

Tales of Deltora[]

The book Tales of Deltora depicts an image of Alyss and the Topaz dragon from her story. Strangely, the illustration does not depict Alyss with any of her ugly features.[3]

Physical appearance[]

Alyss was described as being ugly. She had small eyes, a very long nose and ears as big as a bat's wings, however she had beautiful, long blonde hair that was said to shine like the sun.[1]


Very little is known about Alyss' personality. She was described as being vain and caring only about beauty, as the sight of her ugliness when she cut off her golden hair was enough to make her flee underground, into the Pirran caverns in disgust. However, she was not too vain to reject the love of Rosnan because of his ugly appearance.[1]


Despite being plain and ugly looking, Alyss' long, golden hair caused her to have many male admirers, who all tried to woo her.[1]


Deltora Quest[]

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