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Allun the Baker







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Dark brown

Personal information

Marlie (wife), Sara (mother), Forley (father, deceased), Unnamed child, Unnamed grandmother

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Marlie (wife)


Jonn, Jiller, Marlie, Rowan, Ogden, Zeel, Perlain


The Zebak, the Unrin trees, ice creepers

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Rin's baker



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Rowan of Rin

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Rowan of the Bukshah

Allun is a baker in the village of Rin. He is part Traveller on his father's side.[1] He is the husband of Marlie.[2][3]


Early life[]

For part of his childhood, Allun lived among the Travellers with his Rin mother and Traveller father. When he was six, his grandmother (presumably his paternal grandmother) told him the legend of the Cold Time and he went to sleep with his wooden sword, lying away for hours in fear that the ice creepers told of in the tale would come for him. When he was ten years old, however, his father was killed in the War of the Plains and his mother chose to return with him to Rin to live. Unfortunately for Allun, his Traveller heritage resulted in teasing from other children, as anything or anyone considered an 'oddity' was looked down upon, even by adults. As he grew up Allun formed a 'goofball mask' to hide his true feelings from others. He also refused to learn how to swim, not wanting to be teased even more for lacking that skill, as Rinfolk were taught how to swim as very young children.

Rowan of Rin[]

Allun was one of the adults who chose to go up the Mountain to try and restore the stream. He was kinder and more understanding toward Rowan than the general Rin villager, due to his Traveller heritage and his own experience of being an outsider. In the swamp he saw a vision of his mother trapped in the mud, and panicked and ran towards the mud, thinking that she was in danger and needed him. Strong Jonn managed to hold him back, but it was Marlie's cries for help that snapped him out of it (she was trying to pull Bronden out of the mud but was in danger of sinking) and he quickly came to her rescue. Later he admitted to her that she was the reason that he was able to clear his mind and free himself from the illusion. 

After Bronden and Val left their party, Allun, Jonn, Marlie and Rowan go on by themselves. Marlie asked Allun to sing and tell tales to keep their spirits up, and he obliged her. Rowan noted that Allun seemed much more at ease when Bronden, Val and Ellis were not there.  

Allun was revealed to not be able to swim, preventing him from passing an important obstacle, and was forced to leave their party. He waited for them at the entrance to the cave, and when Marlie came out returned with her to Rin. Before returning they gathered some Mountain Berries which Allun found to take back with them. 

Rowan and the Travellers[]

Allun is less affected by the mountain berry scent than the other villagers, and stays awake with Rowan for much longer. He takes Rowan up the hill and calls the Travellers with his mother's reed pipe.

Rowan and the Zebak[]

Allun accompanied Rowan to the land of the Zebak in search of Annad. He represented the ring finger on the "hand of fate", and played his role in getting the party across the wasteland to the Zebak city by distracting them from the "spinies".

Allun discovered the grease markings Zeel left on the wall in the metal maze under the Zebak city, leading them to Zeel, and to capture.

After the failed invasion, Allun proposed to Marlie and she accepted.

Rowan of the Bukshah[]

Physical appearance[]

Allun is slender, with dark brown eyes, curly hair and a brown complexion, features inherited from his Traveller father.[1]


Allun is something of a clown, a trait developed to hide his true feelings from those who taunted him for being different.



Unnamed child


Rowan of Rin[]


  • In Rowan of Rin, on chapter 6: "The Forest", Allun states that he is three years older than Bronden.


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