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Forge of Del (formerly)


Elstred (as monarch of Deltora)


Brandon (as monarch of Deltora)



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Adin (great-grandfather, deceased)
Adin's eldest son (grandfather, deceased)
Unnamed husband (deceased)
Elstred (father, deceased)
Elstred's wife (mother, deceased)
Brandon (son, deceased)
Ballum (uncle, deceased)
Liah (aunt, deceased)
Sarah (cousin, deceased)
Lucan (grandson, deceased)

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Queen of Deltora


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The Forests of Silence (mentioned)

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Tales of Deltora (mentioned)

Adina was the fourth monarch and third queen of Deltora. She was the first female heir of Adin to take the throne, the past queens having been consorts rather than rulers.[1]


Adina's mother died of an illness shortly before Agra became the chief advisor to her father, King Elstred. She, like the rest of Del, was very fond of her uncle, Ballum. However, after Ballum's accident on Elstred's birthday, Adina grew uncomfortable around him, as his personality had soured and he wore a mask at all times.[2]

After Ballum was driven out of Del, Adina and her father were easily manipulated by Agra. Elstred agreed to put away the Belt of Deltora in a glass case and only wear it on special occasions.[2][3] After Esltred passed away and Adina ascended to the throne, she only wore the Belt five times in her reign. Adina's son, Brandon, succeeded her after her death.[3]

The people of D'Or arrived in Deltora from the island of Dorne,[4][5][6] across the Sea of Serpents, during the reign of Queen Adina.[7]

Many years after Adina's reign, she was mentioned as a young princess in Tales of Deltora, which detailed the story of Ballum and Elstred.[2]

The Forests of Silence[]

Adina was mentioned in The Belt of Deltora, the book that convinced Jarred that Deltora was in danger.[3]

Physical appearance[]

Very little is known of Adina's physical appearance, other than that she wore the Belt of Deltora around her waist on five occasions.


Adina was manipulated by Agra from a young age, and so little is known about her personality. In her youth, she was fond of her cheerful uncle, but was disturbed by his owl mask and darker disposition after his accident. Adina presumably maintained a decent relationship with the people of Del, as she still lived in Adin's forge and was not guarded by palace walls.


Adina, as the Queen of Deltora, had access to all of the land's resources and guards. As Adin's heir, she had the ability to make full use of the Belt of Deltora and its powers, though she rarely did so.


  • Adina was named after her great-grandfather, King Adin.
  • On page 62 of Secrets of Deltora, Adina is referred to as "the great Adin's granddaughter", which is incorrect, as she was his great granddaughter. This may have been an editing error, mistakenly placing the "great" before Adin.
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