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Adin's sword

The sword of Adin, Deltora's first king, served as the ancient king's main weapon. It was forged by Adin himself, who, who was Del's blacksmith before he became king, for his long, perilous journey to garher the seven gems for the Belt of Deltora he, too, had forged. Adin wielded the blade on his journey, for instance in his fight against Greel, and later in the Battle for Deltora.[1]

The sword was the strongest one Adin had ever made.[1]


Tales of Deltora[]


After having forged and assembled the Belt of Deltora that he had been dreaming, Adin let himself enjoy his fine work for hust one full night, before he set to work again, making himself the strongest sword he could fashion, for his quest of collecting the seven tribal gem talismans of Deltora. Adin also made arrow heads enough to serve him for the long and perilous journey.[1]

Adin's fight against Greel[]

Battle for Deltora[]


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