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Adin's second son
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Forge of Del





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Personal information

Adin (father, deceased)
Zara (mother)
Unnamed Toran wife (deceased)
Adin's eldest son (brother)
Three unnamed siblings (deceased)
Elstred (nephew, deceased)
Ballum (nephew, deceased)
Adina (grandniece, deceased)
Brandon (great-grandnephew, deceased)
Marilen (descendant)

Love interest(s)

Unnamed Toran wife


The Shadow Lord

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Heir to the throne (formerly)
Next-in-line to the throne (formerly, until Elstred was born) Prince of Deltora

First appearance

Tales of Deltora (indirectly mentioned)

Last appearance

The Shadowlands (mentioned)

Adin's second son was a Deltoran man, a man of the Del tribe, and the second child and second son of King Adin and Queen Zara, and thus a prince of Deltora. He is the younger brother of Adin's eldest son, who became king after Adin, and the older brother of three other siblings. Adin's second son is an ancestor of the Toran girl, Marilen, through Marilen's mother's family.[1] [nb 1] When it came time to marry, Adin's second son followed his father's way and chose a Toran woman, as did the rest of Adin's children.[2]


He was born the second of Adin's five children.[1] He married a Toran woman like his father, as did all of Adin's five children.[2]


Knowing that he had to protect the land from future invasions from the Shadowlands, King Lief with the help of Doom travelled to the city of Tora to trace Adin's bloodline to find an heir that could wear the Belt of Deltora and thus protect the land with its magic. He had to find a relative as he had not married himself and produced an heir yet to wear the Belt in his place. Lief and Doom only had time to trace the line of Adin's second son, where they found the young Toran girl, Marilen, Lief's cousin, who was a ascendant of Adin's second son on her mother's side.[1]


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  1. On why Adin's second child is a son: First, it must be established that the Deltoran monarchy is an absolute progeniture, meaning the eldest in Adin's line always takes the throne, regardless of gender. In The Shadowlands it is revealed by King Lief that Marilen is "a descendant of Adin's second son" and that she is "next in line to the Belt of Deltora" and Marilen herself states that "Lief only had time to trace the line of Adin's second child." And although Marilen is technically not the next in line, as that right would go to Bede according to The Sister of the South, who is a descendant of the brother of King Elstred (Adin's grandson), Ballum, whose history was obscured by Elstred's advisor, Agra, not knowing Ballum's story King Lief believed Marilen to be the next in line.


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