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A traders guide to illica

The front page of A Trader's Guide to Illica.

A Trader's Guide to Illica
General information
Owned by

A copy is located in the Star of Deltora library


To inform traders about the island of Illica, its people and its customs and its history

Chronological information
First appearance

The Towers of Illica

A Trader's Guide to Illica is a book written for traders containing many facts about the island of Illica, its people and its customs, many of which are not spoken of in public. The book also has notes on the island's history and its people's past as pirates. Britta read the book in the Sea of Serpents section of the Star of Deltora's library.

The book has a soft brown leather cover with the title printed on the front,[1] as well as printed on the first page. It has a red ribbon marker to use as a bookmark.



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